This is no light and airy song for the judge. It comes packed with memories and emotion about her personal life and how she struggled to overcome them. So when Stephanie belts out the first note of the song, Kelly knew immediately what to expect. She even says, “Oh no…” as she starts to crumble and tear up.

Stephanie really hits it out of the park, however. It’s pretty risky to choose a judge’s song to perform and a very emotional one at that! Even Blake and Alicia glance over to check on their fellow judge to see how she’s doing. As the song picks up momentum and gets more personal, Kelly lifts her arms up, giving in to Stephanie’s rendition of the heartfelt song.

Click below to watch all the feels in this performance. Surprisingly, Kelly didn’t slam the buzzer, but Blake and Adam are ready to fight each other to have Stephanie on his own respective team!