This was the case until Zane, and his family got a surprise visit from a group of rough and tough looking bikers named Syd’s Angels Bikers Against Bullies. They came with one mission, to find Zane and tell him they’ve got his back. They named their group after 15-year-old Sydney who was led into the woods by a group of girls who she thought were her friends – until they gang assaulted her and posted what they had done on social media.

These bikers were horrified such a thing could happen and took it upon themselves to spread awareness and form their anti-bullying group. They came to Zane’s house as a show of support for the kid –  his mom couldn’t be happier. She was at her wit’s end, not knowing what to do and burst into tears when they showed up. What a great surprise and creative way to help spread the love and support.

Click to see this awesome interaction! Can you imagine a bunch of bikers just randomly showing up to your home one sunny afternoon?!