Anastasia wastes no time jumping into her robust rendition of The Beatles’ “Oh Darlin,” exuding pure confidence, and reeling in the audience’s undivided attention. All eyes are on Anastasia, her smile magnetic, her presence charismatic, her delivery powerful. Even the way she carries herself is far beyond her years – she’s got the soul of an old rocker, swaying as she sings, harnessing her power for some of those stronger notes by crunching down and bending from the waist. Even her eye contact stays focused which gives her performance an added layer of presence and a clear view of her outgoing personality. The girl’s got talent!

And just like all the greats, Anastasia wanders off the tried and true key and tone at times, offering the audience a truly unique song that’s hers to give. She’s gone above and beyond to add some extra vocals and notes, making for a splendid performance.

Click below to catch Anastasia in full on-star power mode, totally in her comfort zone on stage, wooing the audience and judges.