So, with long hair and no makeup, she goes to The Makeover Guy.

We think it’s safe to say that everyone knows Chris of The Makeover Guy. He works his magic every single time, and Cindy was reassured that she would get the makeover of her life — she was in safe hands, that’s for sure!

She starts by getting her eyebrows waxed, which she loved! Then, she goes for a haircut. There wasn’t much that she wanted to do with that as she claimed that she was conservative, so Chris struggled a bit with figuring out what to do, but in the end, you wonder if he’d ever really struggled! He chopped off her hair, and she could only scream in response when he showed her!

But, we don’t think this scream was anything to worry about. As soon as Cindy sees the hair that Chris has clipped off, she definitely screams, but then a smile wipes away all her worries. It was almost as if she was more excited about the result once she saw that her hair was now in Chris’ hands and he was confident he knew what he was doing, all while keeping her opinion in mind.

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