Iggi Kelly is in the blind audition stage for “The Voice Kids Germany.” He wastes no time impressing the judges from the first few plucks of the guitar strings. He’s about to sing Simon and Garfunkle’s “Sound of Silence.” already a mature-sounding song not typically chosen by a young boy. But wow, does he ever sing it well and with emotion!

The judges are instant fans. His mom is seen backstage jumping up and down, screaming as the first judge slams down on the buzzer. The pair of judges follows suit as they slam down and turn around to face Iggi. His performance started with a low voice as he worked his way up to a higher key, showcasing the range of his vocals. One judge appeared so moved by his performance, her eyes were shut the entire time. It looked like she was on a whole other level completely!

Click to watch this stirring blind audition. Iggi is exceptional and gave the chills to everyone listening!