The baby girl was going through a particularly rough patch – it was a harrowing crying session as the result of being jet-lagged and tired. After her emotions subsided, dad “sat” her down to discuss what just happened and how to work through it. He tells her, “We need to have a conversation now. You were sitting very quietly and all of a sudden, you started crying. I need to know why.”

Mom is standing nearby, recording everything, and trying to contain her laughter as dad mitigates. Baby girl is just staring straight back at him, appearing to be listening carefully as he continues. “I’m curious. Go ahead and tell me why you were crying. I would like to know.”

Dad continues to lovingly interrogate her, as her reaction changes for the better. What happens next is melting everyone’s heart – and most notably, mom and dad’s.

Click below to watch the first of many conversations I’m sure dad will have with his precious daughter.