With Dr. Robinson playing on the keys, and Dr. Francois belting out the vocals, together they are creating sweet music in the hospital halls. Their rendition of Mike Yung’s “Alright” is uplifting and beautiful, promoting a hopeful message.

This incident isn’t the first time a performance like this has happened at the clinic. Dr. Francois is known to break into song, believing that music is medicine. He’s wanted to help people ever since he was a child, so don’t expect him to hand over his scrubs to pursue a music career anytime soon, he just wants to make people’s days a little brighter with music. And with his colleague on the piano, it couldn’t be more uplifting or magical.

Parents with very sick children have messaged Dr. Francois to tell him how his musical performances and singing give their kids the courage to go on, which for him, has been one of the best parts of his singing. What a beautiful gift from these two surgeons!

Click below to see the uplifting performance. This gesture is the perfect reminder that everything will be better tomorrow.