Lanny started by addressing the room and his now father-in-law with a little speech, saying “…That’s my girl now!” Then, HE jumped into formation with the groomsmen. The Temptations’ 1965 classic, “My Girl,” starts to play and the men waste no time getting into it. Lanny is lip-syncing every word to his new wife, who is sitting face back to the audience, towards Lanny. She is elated and giggling as the new blushing bride.

Lanny and his crew used up the whole dance floor to show off their fancy footwork. These guys must have spent hours practicing their choreography because they really impressed newly-wed bride with their fancy footwork. They also lined up to walk past her, each groomsman reaching over to give her a rose, as a symbol of love, in what the boys pulled off as a very successful performance! Well done!

Click below to watch the groom and his men tear up the dance floor.