Mom puts on Lady Gaga’s “The Fame” CD, specifically putting on “Poker Face,” its high energy fast-moving pace putting a smile on baby’s face. He suddenly starts mouthing the words, and amazingly, sings along – and pretty darn well, too! He’s got the “oohs” down pat, singing in sync with the pop queen herself.

He’s even dancing a little too! He’s head bopping and jamming, making really cute facial expressions, raising his eyebrows and widening his eyes. Mom asks him, “Who are you listening to?” and between a few incoherent words, you can make out his answer. This little guy is awesome! Mom even makes a shout out to Lady Gaga in the caption, saying “Lady Gaga, we found you a backup singer!”

Click below to watch this adorable backseat performance by a star in the making.