Owner Johnathan Zurbel inherited Sam from his brother when he was a tiny kitty and has been absolutely head over heels for this cat ever since. Johnathan has turned Samson into an Instagram celebrity and wants to make him as famous as possible by getting him involved in more cat opportunities. With over 176K followers, it’s safe to say Samson is well on the way to accomplishing stardom!

Samson is a gentle giant who loves to watch “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.” He’s loveable, caring and of course still manages to get himself into to some funny situations, according to Johnathan. The cat also has some dog-like qualities, always following Johnathan and even growling at the door sometimes! Johnathan says that having Samson in his life is like having another family member. With no kids of his own, the young man’s bond for Samson is very much like a father-son relationship. And, he’s a good wingman too – Samson has garnered a lot of female attention and admirers wanting to meet him.

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