If you’ve ever tried to argue with a toddler, you know that it can be something of a losing battle. There’s a very good reason it’s called “the terrible twos.” It’s not rare for a toddler to have a meltdown about nearly anything. Maybe they don’t like what they have for dinner, or their favorite toy is missing. Sometimes it’s hard to tell at all why the tiny human is upset. Getting to the bottom of the problem can be quite a challenge.

One of the things that make determining why a child is upset or angry so hard is that they don’t have all the tools needed for communication. They have all of these feelings, and they aren’t sure how to express them. The little girl in this video knows she has something to say, something worth arguing about, but she doesn’t quite have the words to express what she’s feeling. But, she has “arguing” down anyway!

As her mom calmly tries to deal with the situation, she goes on a tirade! It’s impossible to tell what she’s saying, but she means business! When she finally learns all the words, she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Watch her impressive argument skills in the video below!

Source: FaithTap