Rueben, the dog in this video, really loves attention from his owner. Reuben’s dad, Mike, has this to say about him: “He’s funny, cute, demanding and the most social dog around. No joke, this guy makes our family smile and laugh every day.”

The pup is looking for some attention in return for that laughter and Mike tries to ignore him. After making a fuss, Reuben reluctantly gets into his own bed. “Look at that. How novel. He’s actually using his bed. For once. Although, he’s not happy about it.”

The adorable dog makes his displeasure known with the occasional bark.

“Because I can’t always have a dog on top of me every time I lie down. So, now he’s pouting.” Mike gets a laugh out of his pooch’s frustration, but it’s clear that things will be just fine between these two,

“Pout all you want. Give me a break just for today, alright? Alright. I don’t think this is going to last. Right, Reuben?”

Watch the hilariously adorable Reuben in the video below!

Source: Rumble

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