With the baby in tow, grandma sits down and starts serenading her. She sings Louis Armstrong’s “I’m in the Mood” from 1935, and instantly, the baby’s eyes are fixated on grandma. Her voice is soft, and warm, and perfect for baby to feel comfortable with. Just as grandma is getting into it, the baby starts to speak up too! She is trying her mightiest to sing along, and her effort is just so sweet. Baby doesn’t break eye contact, as she utters little sounds to try to replicate what she’s hearing from grandma. Her eyes are locked in, and her mouth is in the shape of an “o.” It’s just so cute!

Mom is holding the camera, dying of laughter. Even grandma at one point has to take a break and catch her breath from laughing so hard. This is such a precious moment between all three generations.

Click below to see this sweet duet!

Source: FaithTap