Erin made her way through the blind audition, the battles, the semi-finals and now, this is her final performance. She chose Elvis Presley’s 1961 “Can’t Help Falling In Love” from the movie “Blue Hawaii,” a deep, slow-moving song filled with a lot of heart. From the moment she starts, it’s obvious she poured her soul into singing this song.

The stage lighting is cool blue, and the piano and her outfit, crisp white. From the first note, Erin has everyone’s attention, sending the judges and audience into a flurry of applause. When she gets to the first stanza, Erin unleashes her voice, able to hit and sustain higher octave notes that showcase her magical vocal range.

Her performance is emotionally charged, and although she didn’t win the competition, Erin delivered a beautiful version of an Elvis classic that has touched the lives of millions of people. This is one heavy hitting song and this young lady performed it like a natural.

Click below to watch her in all of her glory! We can’t help falling in love with this performance!