Daily Mail UK also reported that Addyman’s research shows that boys tend to laugh more than girls. Also, it’s not necessarily anything specific that parents do to bring about the most laughter, it is simply their presence. Baby giggles are an expression of happiness and babies are happiest with their favorite people — their parents.

The little girl in this video, Nowah, definitely loves being with her daddy and shows it with her adorable, delightful laughter. It seems that this little cutie has no problem saying “Momma,” but “Papa” appears to be giving her a bit of trouble. That doesn’t stop her dad from encouraging her to say it.

Even though she can’t quite say “Papa,” her magical laugh and bright smile make up for everything. It’s clear that Nowah and her daddy have a wonderful time together, and when she finally says “Papa,” it will be that much more special.

Watch the heartwarming video below!

Source: ShareTap