Before she gets into it, little sis preps everyone by saying “…you might want to take out your cameras and get ready for this one…” The crowd is already cheering her on and going wild, curious to know what she has in store — and her stage presence! This 10-year-old has confidence! She is working the room with her charm and outstanding public speaking ability!

To the tune of Will Smith’s “Yo Home To Bel-Air” from “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Savannah secretly prepped her rap/wedding speech before the big day. She took the audience on a journey that started when Christina was an only child until she was 16 when Savannah was born. She went on to share how Christina played a pivotal role in her young life, having such a good mentor and role model to follow.

Savannah’s chronological story that touches upon her and big sis’ many milestones through the years is perfectly packaged into an entertaining “rap.” She delivers it with grace and has everyone laughing and crying along with her. Way to go Savannah!