Regardless of what others thought of Jim, there was something they did not know: his life outside of his school working hours. It turns out he had been volunteering to help out sick children at the Children’s Hospital Los Angles for the past 20 years and counting, several days a week. He cuddles and rocks babies, feeds young patients, and thanks to his universal blood type (type O), he persistently donates blood to those in need.

Despite never having children of his own, the teacher found a genuine love for helping hospitalized youngsters in any way he could. The latter earned Jim the well-deserved nickname, the ‘Baby Whisperer.’

After finding out how soft-hearted and caring St. Francis High School’s well-known algebra and calculus instructor secretly was, students were stunned, especially learning that their “mean math teacher” devoted his quiet weekends off to helping those less fortunate than him.

Jim is inspiring. Just because someone seems tough, that does not mean that they don’t have emotions nor hold the drive to help others.

To learn more about this angel in disguise, and his “secret” life, watch the video below! It proves that one should not judge a person by their appearances or one-sided interactions with them.