Something similar happened in the video below as well. Little Emerson is sitting in his walker, minding his own business, when mom decides to blow her nose. At first, the toddler is shocked, scared, and a little perplexed. In his defense, he has no idea why mom just made that sound! He hasn’t been in this world too long to know the way it all works.

It’s safe to say that mom noticed Emerson getting slightly scared while she was blowing her nose, so she decides to test the waters and does it for the second time. At first, he’s wide-eyed and looking concerned, but then the cutest thing happens. He gets a tad bit hyper and starts laughing at the sight of mom and her antics.

It’s funny to see the little one go from being horrified to hysterics in a matter of seconds.

Click on the link below and watch Emerson have a ball of a time!