To begin with, the judges had no faith in Connie and her talent. She’s a singer who has had no professional training, and they figured that this was just another one of those auditions that would walk away disappointed. It’s not until the girl opens her mouth and belts out the first note that they’re left floored.

Connie takes the stage and starts to sing everyone’s favorite, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” As soon as the cameras turn to capture the judges’ reactions, one of them is seen sitting there teary-eyed, with her hands clasped tightly over her mouth. It’s clear that she has no words to describe what she’s watching on stage.

Connie went on to be a significant part of “Britain’s Got Talent” that year. Although she didn’t win the final round, she made room in the hearts of many people all around the world.

Click on the link below to watch her excellent rendition of this classic.