The stage act that we bring to you today, in the video below, is the one she put together for this very semi-final show, on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Alice graces the stage in a beautiful red dress; she gives off a very old-Hollywood, 30s vibe, and it’s stunning. The song she chose to sing this time around was “Cry Me A River.” Her voice did complete justice to this tune, and the unique touch she adds to each of her performances is something that not many singers can do.

After the performance was through, Simon decided to change his statement from the first time Alice had taken center stage. For him, her voice isn’t liquid gold anymore, it’s “liquid platinum.” What an amazing compliment!

For those who don’t know, Alice had auditioned for “The Voice UK” back in 2010. Although she wasn’t selected to be a part of the competition, the world knew then and there that she had it in her to be a star.

Click on the link below to watch Alice’s fantastic semi-final act!