She has numerous hit tracks to her credit but have you ever thought of where she started off? For those who have followed her journey closely, you will know that Susan began her journey as a regular contestant on “Britain’s Got Talent.” She entered the premises to give an audition, munching on a sandwich while waiting her turn, and hoping that she could land some sort of full-time job. She was unemployed at that time. That audition took place in 2009.

Susan took the stage that day, and it was clear that both the audience and the judges were unimpressed. She claimed that she is a 48-year-old woman who has no job, wants to be a singer, and has never been kissed before. She was quirky, a lot less composed than the other auditioners, and spoke her mind. The judges had no hope for her.

Then she begins to sing “I Dreamed A Dream” and everyone’s perspective instantly changes! The power in her voice and her stage presence capture everyone’s attention, and Susan proved, even to Simon, that she is here to stay.

We’ve shared multiple videos of Susan and the renditions she’s done, but click below to watch Susan’s first ever TV appearance, and see how she instantly blows the judges away.