But, even though I’m not a talented artist or musician, I always love seeing beautiful art that others have created. Like most people, I certainly enjoy listening to excellent music performed by others; I’m always particularly impressed when the artist or musician is a child.

There’s no doubt that there are some child prodigies out there. These kids can pick up a paintbrush and create a masterpiece, are incredibly skilled at certain sports, or can make music or sing better than many adults that have years of training under their belts.

“Little Big Shots” is a television show that presents many of these talented children. We have a version in the United States but the UK has their own, similar show.

“Little Big Shot UK” featured a very talented young piano player named Leo Yang-Bailey. Leo began playing the piano at a very young age and is one of the youngest children to pass an Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music grade eight piano exam with distinction.

In his first ever piano competition, he won three gold medals and has participated in international music festivals. When he appeared on television, he sat down at the piano, completely blindfolded, and amazed the host and audience with an absolutely brilliant performance. This little boy has a big future ahead of him!

Watch his amazing performance in the video below!