Skunks are funny animals, and because of their very smelly natural defense system, they have very few predators. When they move onto your property, they wander slowly around, rarely afraid. But, the dogs, cats, horses, and people made sure to run whenever we saw them. Eventually, it became necessary to have them professionally removed and relocated to an area with fewer people.

Like the man in this video, I’ve also had a run in with a large woodpecker. He was beautiful but annoyingly loud and made holes in the wood of my front porch in seconds.  But, he didn’t wreak nearly the havoc that Mark Von Thaden of California endured.

When he decided to renovate his pool house, Mark noticed that there were many holes in the walls, most likely put there by a woodpecker. While the damage from the holes was bad enough, he didn’t realize that using those holes, the industrious woodpecker had been storing up for a rainy day — or the woodpecker apocalypse! When Mark opened up the wall and pulled back the insulation, he found hundreds, maybe even thousands of acorns hidden in the wall. I have no idea how the woodpecker though he would get them back, but they were there if he needed them.

The video is much funnier for us than it was for Mark, but please watch, laugh, like and share!