Johnathon and Garrett are two peas in a pod. After all, they both share the same DNA, so they have similar personalities and enjoy doing the same things. The best part about this video is the fabulous conversation they’re having, full of splashes and toys, clearly discussing important things of critical value and debating issues that resonate deeply amongst them – a conversation that none of us will ever be in on!

Their incessant baby chat and huge giggles are delightful to watch. These two will definitely get themselves in hot water once they go to school, however! It looks like they’re up to some silly antics, cracking up over something and potentially having just the best moment of their little lives! It’s hard to find someone to laugh that hard with, but these two will always have each other for a good chuckle.

Click below to watch the whole adorable bath time go down. These two giggle monsters are too cute for words.