Paula Jiven is one such teen; she was determined to audition for “Sweden’s Got Talent 2018.” Paula is a singer, and she proves to be a capable force that you do not want to reckon with. As soon as she hits the first note, the hosts backstage are blown away by what they’re listening to.

She sits on the piano, giving music to her own performance, as she sings everyone’s favorite, classic song ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson. Paula smiles throughout her routine, knowing that she is striking that special chord with the judges and her audience. She knows she’s here to stay, and that she just proved it to everyone in the room.

It’s not easy to do justice to an MJ classic, but watch the judges’ reaction as Paula wraps up the song. They are beside themselves, speechless, and on their feet.

Click on the link below and watch the teenager sweep everyone off their feet with her rendition of ‘Billie Jean.’

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