He is so embedded in his music and creative lifestyle that he is constantly reinventing himself and his talent to see where he can go and what resonates with his audience. In this video, Jason takes on Andy McKee’s jazzy pop tune, “Drifting” that has no vocals, only guitar. It’s a beautiful combination of playing plus using his hands to act as the percussion by knocking and tapping hard on the neck and body of the guitar.

This teen is something else! Pure talent and passion fused together to create a song of beauty and joy. His hands fly between both guitars, keeping the beat while driving the melody. How he manages to keep everything in sync and flowing is no small feat. His moves are calculated yet carefree, delivering an epic performance from the comfort of his cushy couch at home!

Click below and turn up the volume to feel like you’ve got a front-row seat at a small but cozy and intimate performance – two guitars included!