However, the opposite goes for the man in the video below. This clip takes us back to “America’s Antiques Road Show” and a specific episode where a man is presenting his prized possessions. The man brings his rhinoceros horn libation cups to the show and is on the chair looking for their current market value.

As the host discloses, these cups are made for “ceremonial presentation purposes,” and they were made in the late 17th to the early part of the 18th centuries. The owner of these antiques goes through all of his pieces, giving the specifics of when and where he bought them; he talks about how much money he spent on each cup as well. In total, he’s spent about to $5000.

That amount seems like a lot when you think that this man bought these pieces years ago, but if you hear the market value for them today, it’s all worth it!

Click on the link below and watch as Mark Walberg presents a full valuation of these rhinoceros horn libation cups!