Libera, the traveling English all-boy vocal group, is known for their distinct sound and appearance, comprising mostly of unchanged boy soprano voices. The boys range from 7-16 years old, the teens singing in a lower key. Their songs are typically modern compositions or new arrangements of contemporary songs. Their choice of this Grammy-winning song, “From a Distance” is a pitch-perfect and evocative choice. Prepare to experience the chills.

They are in the Royal Albert Hall, in London, on a hugely lit stage where a full orchestra is set in place as a fog rolls in. The blue lighting is calm and serene and casts its healing hue over the stage. The audience is full and silent, as one of the boys sings his solo. The rest follow in smaller groups, leading up to the chorus where everyone is singing in tandem, each one carrying the weight of this stunning piece. Although different from Bette’s, Libera’s arrangement is nothing short of sublime.

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