Although the outcome of the little girl’s journey on the show was disappointing, she didn’t let that come in the way of her success as a singer. She continued to pursue her passion and Celine is still known for her soulful, powerful voice that first shot her to fame.

She is loved so much around the world and the video below is an example of just that! Helene Fischer, the German entertainer, and singer, recently invited Celine to her show and they both sang a duet together, “You Raise Me Up.”

Both the singers perform the song in sync and give everyone goosebumps. Helene is known for her beautiful voice, and it came as no surprise to her audience when she delivered her stellar act. But, it was when Celine joined in that the audience was in awe of the sound that came out of such a tiny body; people were putting their hands over their mouths and clapping for her.

This routine is one that needs to be watched, so click on the link below and experience the magical duet for yourself!