Probably one of the most loved and covered songs of the past 25 years, it’s no surprise that contestants on shows like “X-Factor” love to take on the challenge of singing the song that launched Whitney’s career, in hopes of launching their own.

This is Julia, and it’s her moment to shine on “X-Factor Ukraine.” From the moment she says what song she’s singing, the look on the faces of the judges and audience is something along the lines of, “…here we go again… another wannabe Whitney….” However, even in the face of doubt, Julia delivers an outstanding performance, raising the eyebrows of her new found believers in disbelief.

She knocks it out of the park, her voice deep and robust, yet still managing to grasp those hard to reach notes. Julia reaches the apex of the song and has the judges singing along with her, their faces surprised and happy to be proven wrong.

Click below to see Julia tackles a hard song giving it all she’s got.