He went through extensive chemotherapy and colon surgery, but it was too late. The cancer had moved into his lungs, liver, and two lymph nodes. But, despite his deteriorating physical condition, Marc didn’t lose the will to live every day to the best of his ability. The former firefighter had a wish he wanted to be fulfilled, and that was to sing Garth Brooks’ classic “The Dance” with his friend accompanying him on the acoustic guitar.

Marc’s vocals are beautiful, and you can hear his passion for singing in this performance. His bravery shines on in so many ways through his singing — inspite of being in pain and close to the end of his life, he wanted to take up the task so close to his heart, and that is singing.

This video was shown to Garth Brooks himself, and he had some great things to say about Marc and his voice.

Click on the link below and watch Marc soulfully give it his all.