What we’re talking about here is the onslaught of unwarranted comments from men, targeted directly at women. And in this video, it’s particularly aggressive – it’s also staged.

Sponsored by Everlast and featuring women’s volleyball Olympian Natalia Malaga as the protagonist, this experiment was created as a public service announcement to shed light on an issue women around the world can relate to. It involves moms going undercover to expose their sons making crude comments, showing just how common and frequent the uncomfortable exchanges are.

In the first example, after his mom catches him, one man replies, “…But I thought you were Karina..”, to which she replies, “Oh, so you talk to her like that?!” Natalia shakes her head from a nearby undercover van, as mom and son get into a big verbal disagreement, talking about what she’s wearing, how that’s how you speak in college, etc. The two walk off camera still arguing.

It’s dramatized, but the bottom line remains – if it offends mom it will without a doubt offend strange women on the street.

Click below to see what happens when moms catch their sons making rude comments.