“Bohemian Rhapsody” has been used for all sorts of funny performances, including the lip-syncing car driving scene from “Wayne’s World.” My friends and I have certainly recreated the scene a time or two but, we were much different from the group singing in this video. Most importantly, we are terrible singers, and the guys in this video are terrific!

But, regardless of your skill, I know that we can’t be alone in recreating a couple of scenes from this popular movie! It can be in all seriousness or just for the mere joy of killing some time and getting a few laughs out of it — you’ll always have a good time making your own versions of the song — or any other, for that matter!

With that said, do you want to know how these young men recreated the classic and put their own spin on it? Then don’t forget to click on the next page and watch the video!