Set to the famous and contagious “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, a pack of teachers upped the ante this year, and performed a well-rehearsed, choreographed flash mob to take the crowd by surprise. It was the author and school teacher Katie Price who coordinated the show.

And it wasn’t just the teachers that showed up. This student body was in for a treat because what started off as a flash mob of five, grew to include more teachers and even a few furry mascots.

Then a few moments into the performance, the formation changes to create two lines where mascots, teachers, and even a school resource officer walks through with some pretty funky footwork and two-stepping. Notice the one teacher who dropped down and “wormed” his way down, causing a ripple of cheering and applause!

Click below to see Katie’s creative spectacle from start to finish. It’s a pretty fun alternative to an otherwise long student assembly.