Hours of memories conveniently stored on black square tapes, no bigger or wider than a science fiction novel. They were easy to store and easy to play in a videocassette recorder because everyone had one – until everyone didn’t.

Video killed the radio star; then the Internet killed the video. The advent of DVD (did you know it stands for Digital Versatile Disk?) and Blue-ray made tapes feel like they became obsolete overnight, suddenly pushing everything towards digital, widening the gap between the old and the new.

If you know what these outdated terms mean (VHS, VCR, cassette, rewind….), then you probably have a stack of old cassettes piling up. Don’t let the 90s and 80s just fade away – by simply getting a connector cable that comes with the software, you can easily transfer the good ol’ times (and the bad and the ugly ones, too!) to digital, so you can chuck those antiquated dusty cassettes in the recycling bin because yes, they will fall apart.

Click below to see the tutorial so you can start transferring ASAP.