Which is why a video entitled, “Pretty ‘Till The End” is now going viral. It’s only a mere 0:40 seconds long, but the message will be left with you for years to come. It shows three elderly women, two of which are visiting their 97-year-old sister who is in the care of hospice. Then, each taking their turn, they brush through their sister’s hair with smiles on their faces. They know that their sister is a beautiful lady, inside and out, and should be treated as such!

The video that was filmed by the granddaughter of the woman in hospice was uploaded with the caption, “When my sisters are old, I will brush their hair and make sure they look pretty, until the very end. My grandma got her wish to have hospice in her own home.”

What a beautiful moment caught on film, showing the special bond between siblings that can, and should, continue until the very end.

See the stunning video clip below; we’re sure you’ll love it.