Then, she decides to throw her slippers into the tub full of water. Mom is not thrilled, and she’s trying to teach her daughter a lesson about apologizing for doing something naughty. She wants to know her growing baby can distinguish good behavior from bad behavior, and that she won’t do it again if it’s not right.

In an adorable one-sided conversation where mom is asking lots of yes or no questions, her daughter responds with the same answer over and over and over, resulting in a cute exchange that absolves her of any punishment. Mom is laughing at the end.

“Are you sorry?”, “Will you do this again?”, “It was naughty, wasn’t it?” These were some of the questions mom asked. It’s hard to be angry at someone when they unknowingly did something a wee bit naughty, but without bad intentions.

Click below to see this little girl’s hilarious reply to her mom’s barrage of questions.