The three young men are Caleb, Tyler, and Will and they are the harmonizing trio known as Triple Threat from Arkansas, USA. Their story is unique. At one point, they were all on the football team, but after each of their injuries had them suspended, the men realized they had something more in common – a desire to sing. They are on “America’s Got Talent” because coming from such a small town, they’ve exhausted all of their options singing at small time venues. These boys are looking for more.

Triple Threat’s appearance is deceiving, thwarting skeptical crowds whenever they perform. At first, they appear “nerdy” and low key, not sticking out or showing much soul. Even the judges wrinkle their noses, unsure what to think or how to react.

At about three seconds into their performance, the judges are changing their minds and clapping their hands. They know they pegged the trio wrongly, further solidifying the age adage, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Click below to catch Triple Threat’s jazzy rendition of MTKO’s “Classic.”