In this interview, Sean recaps her year, wanting to get a better understanding of the emotional pressure of life as an older and wiser two-year-old. Similar to the previous interview, and with the help of mom and dad, Sean has written the interview to have fun while still being (a little) serious. This time he asks her new questions, and Juliana is a bit better at answering them (with subtitles for added effect), still delivering funny responses, big smiles, and a big Katy Perry roar.

Juliana mocks him, passes gas and tells him that on a scale from one to ten, her life the past year rates as a five. She also isn’t at a place where she wants to start sharing with her sisters, because they are crazy and she’s done with the interview, getting up and leaving in the cutest exit possible.

She comes back though, and the interview finishes with advice from Juliana about having children, and finding the lion inside her and letting it out.

It’s just all too cute. Click below to see the full Q&A session. It’s just as touching as the previous video.


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