One day, the man who was hired to play the piano noticed a familiar face among the shoppers. He stopped playing and turned the piano over to her. At first, it seemed like a strange thing to do, but the pianist recognized the talented Natalie Trayling.

Natalie was first noticed in a Youtube video as a “street musician.” At 80-years-old, she has finally received recognition for her brilliant musical talent. She plays public spaces rather than huge concert halls, but she plays with so much emotion that everyone who hears her knows that they are experiencing something extraordinary.

One of the most astounding things about Natalie is how she brings music to life. Many pianists play memorized compositions or sheet music, but Natalie plays the music that she hears in her heart. In the moment, it flows out of her and onto the keys. It’s part of what makes her performances so beautiful.

Watch the video below as she brings joy to everyone in the department store.