Adam says the whole project could have even been done more cost-effectively, but it was a learning process, both of them not having much experience in the DIY category. In fact, Nikki had never even picked up a drill before they embarked on such an ambitious project.

Their home is very inconspicuous. “Disguised” as a moving van, it’s pretty nondescript until the back is lifted to reveal a little porch, leading into the fully insulated central space. They’ve got a loft bed, kitchen, toilet/shower, living room and heater. There are lots of cabinets and shelves for storage, plus a small water tank enough to fill a kettle.

Adam and Nikki have incorporated some creature comforts like pillows and throws for a homey feel, but most of all, it’s pretty simple – and that’s what they’re going for. This is a passion project to see if they can live the simple life, aiming to find happiness in experiences and people rather than relying on money to buy material possessions.

See below for a better look at Adam and Nikki’s van-home they plan on taking to France.