Mom and dad got it right – when introducing a new baby to the family, it’s best to acquaint the older child with their new younger sibling. This is valuable bonding time that helps bridge the gap between children, establishing a more solid relationship down the line.

And as it stands right now, looks like these two are in it for the long run! It’s really adorable how they appear inseparable already. As Ehan is cradling Tommy, he asks the newborn what he wants to be when he grows up, to which Ehan promptly answers back to himself. He fills in the blanks, saying that Tommy wants to fight fires with him, and they will do it together.

Then Ehan continues to add that Tommy wants to be an astronaut – even better – a fireman and astronaut at the same time, side by side, big bro and little bro. Even in mom’s voice, her reaction sounds so pleased, saying how nice that would be.

Click the link below to see just how ambitiously cute this one-way conversation is!