The dance shared below is full of energy and has some epic moves, but that’s not the only thing unique about it; it’s a mom and sons dance, but it’s not the big day for either of her three sons — she’s the bride.

When the mom decided to tie the knot for the second time, her sons were all grown up. She wanted to incorporate her the three handsome boys into a dance routine to make her wedding day extra special! So, they decided to come up with the choreographed dance to present to their guests. Once you see it, you’ll wish you were there in person!

It starts off with a soft song, to which mom and one of her sons dance. But, it’s not long before the slow dance song gets interrupted with the two younger sons hitting the dance floor with some spunk and energy! Mom, at first, acts, surprised but then she joins in on what has to be one of the most energetic dances we’ve seen.

Click below to see the newly-wed bride, and mom of three boys, tear up the dance floor with her sons!