Plopped and snuggled right in between the two little girls, Landon is absorbing his new environment. His family has seated him upright, anticipating his confusion as they immediately hit record.

The cousin to the left is crying out loud and appears uncomfortable, while cuz on the right is as cool as a cucumber. Landon first looks left, visibly distraught and confused about this tiny crying human. It’s when he turns to the right that he now appears to be perplexed about the unordinary situation he’s found himself in – there are TWO tiny humans, on either side of him that look alike. And, it doesn’t do him any favors that they are wearing matching outfits!

After staring down cuz on the right, he then returns to cuz on the left, going back and forth a few times, trying to sort out the ensuing chaos before looking straight ahead and shooting a look right at the camera. This look, amidst the hysterical laughter from the adults in the background, speaks volumes about his current state of affairs. Something along the lines of, “Help!”, “Rescue me!”, “Who are all of you!?”

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