First of all, grandma keeps referring to Google as “Goo Goo,” and she just can’t seem to either address it as “Hey Goo Goo” or “Ok Goo Goo.” She starts tapping the machine and leaning in to get a closer listen. When she manages to get the device working, Google provides an accurate weather forecast, and she is mind blown, getting up from her seat, whispering “I’m scared. It’s a mystery. Oh my gosh…”

She asks to hear an Italian song, but to no avail, going off into a burst of Italian (son interprets, and it’s the funniest remark) while tapping the device one more time to which the machine still does not respond.

She even gets a little aggressive, telling the machine to “Do it!!!,” ending with everyone laughing out loud. It’s all fun and games though, showing just how tricky it can be to integrate new technology into our lives. Grandma’s almost got the hang of it; she’ll get her Italian song and maybe the whole opera in no time if she keeps on practicing.

Watch grandma give “Goo Goo” a shot in the video below!