But when Johnny Georges made his way in front of the five sharks (as the investors are called) the panelists had no idea that he would change the face of the TV show forever. In fact, the show was awarded an Emmy in 2014, and the producers feel that it is all because of contestant Johnny.

So what was so special about Johnny?

He founded the company, Tree T-Pee, and with that, had an idea that would effectively cut down the usage of water for local farmers; despite the need for this product, Johnny insisted that he sell it for a low price, asking the judges for only $150,000.

While the majority of the judges disagreed with Johnny, saying that he was aiming to sell his product for too low a price, the episode alone made Johnny famous! He received over 56,000 emails from prospective buyers the very next day after “Shark Tank” aired!

See the touching video clip below and learn about Johnny’s stunning success and great humbleness.