Plus, this invaluable bonding time bridges the sensitive separation period when a child learns to trust another human other than her mother during the early stages of development. It also affects daughters in so many ways down the line–studies show that fathers who spend time with their daughters raise girls to have higher self-esteem and self-worth. And of course, this is a win-win situation for both parents and child.

The video below starts as dad comes into the house, and mom is ready with the camera. The little girl is practicing learning how to walk on her own when she sees dad. Suddenly, a huge smile comes across her face, as she excitedly speeds up her adorable lopsided run towards the familiar voice. Dad scoops her up, and she nuzzles her face into his shoulder, kissing him and showing him love and affection–the perfect bonding moment between daddy and his little girl.

We bet you don’t want to miss it, so see the short clip, below!