The host mentions that beagles can be snarky, and appears skeptical when Michael says his and the pup’s trick is to “…play dead then come back alive.” David sneers a little bit but is ready to see what the dog can do.

On David’s cue, Michael looks at his dog and simply says, “Bailey, play dead.” The dog doesn’t comply and David, for a fleeting moment, looks a little nervous. He tries again, “Bailey, play dead,” to which the dog instantly goes limp, her body dead weight in Michael’s arms, and the crowd, David included, is in stitches. They even did it a few times, each time funnier than the last. Bailey is quite the little actress!

One more bonus about this video: notice how right after Bailey has completed the trick for the final time, Michael is oblivious to David’s handshake, and rather than standing there awkwardly, David shakes Bailey’s back paw instead!

Click below and watch the trick for yourself!