Cannell sits down with Julianna to get a better look to see how she’s coping and get “the real story from her perspective.” After all, being big sis comes with a whole new set of responsibilities.

The popular YouTuber writes the interview to poke fun at being serious, but with a cutie like Julianna, the whole set up is just adorable. It’s cuteness overload, as he methodically asks her some revealing questions. She can’t fully answer yet (although she’s pretty good at expressing herself for a 17-month-old), so interpreting what she’s trying to convey through her actions and muffled words ends up being highly entertaining with the imposed subtitles.

Catch Julianna divulging her ideal home situation, how she thinks Mommy and Daddy made the twins, and what her art therapy results say about herself in this creatively packaged interview. This girl is a sweetie pie!