She went in and asked for the oldest dog of the lot and the one that was least likely to find a home. At this point, the grandmother had already seen enough tragedy. Shortly after losing her husband, Melani also lost their pet Staffordshire terrier, Lola. She was lonely and her grandchildren finally convinced her to adopt another pet to keep her company.

Animal Channel reports that Melani said, “I wanted to help somebody—a dog—like Lola helped us, and so I told them I wanted the oldest dog they had, the one that everybody was passing up, and that I wanted to adopt him. I don’t care if he’s sick, I don’t care if the shelter can help with bills. I don’t have a lot of money, but I’m sure I have enough to take care of a little dog.”

This instance is when she saw, and fell in love with, the 12-year-old terrier, Jake. The pup was excited to see her, and she instantly knew that this was the dog for her.

The shelter was ecstatic to see Jake find a forever home but they did let Melani know that he is partially blind, completely deaf, and has terminal skin cancer. The doctors couldn’t tell her how much longer he had to live, but Melani wanted to ensure that they make the most of their time together, and the time Jake has left.

Jake is now comfortably settled in his new home. This beautiful story shows how both Jake and Melani rescued one another and found each other in their more dire time of need.

Article source: Animal Channel